Voter Outreach Calendar

The campaign calendar is very important in any voter outreach campaign. When planning your campaign you should get information on very important dates. While your campaign should center around voter contact and your strategic goals, building and planning around key dates such as voter registration deadlines, candidate forums, and early voting will be key to your success.

Important Dates :

  • Legislative Session Recess/Close
  • Candidate Filing Deadline
  • Primary Voter Registration Deadline
  • Primary Election
  • Special Elections
  • Move-In date for College and Universities
  • General Election
  • Voter Registration Deadline
  • Absentee Ballots Available
  • Candidate Debates (Times will vary)
  • Early Voting Start
  • Early Vote End
  • Absentee Ballot Post Mark Deadline
  • Date when voter Registration database is updated with new information (when possible)
  • Election Day

Other Notable Dates to Track:

  • Campaign Kickoff
  • Major Festivals or Events (Sports, Concerts etc)
  • Office Openings
  • Significant Dates (Holiday, Commemorative Dates, etc)