Doors to Door Contact

The most effective way of communicating an issue is by engaging in person to person conversations to a targeted universe of people. Door to Door canvassing provides an opportunity for community members to put a face to an issue and work through any reservations or challenges right then and there.

The following documents can help you put together a strong door to door operation.

Guide to Organizing a GOTV Canvass.doc36.5 KB
Sample Canvass briefing and Training.doc26 KB
Sample Canvass Instructions.doc28 KB
Sample Canvass Script- Election Day.doc25 KB
Sample Canvass Script GOTV.doc28.5 KB
Sample Canvasser Tally Sheet.doc26 KB
Sample Master Canvasser Tally Form.doc37.5 KB
Sample Youth Vote Canvass Script.doc25 KB